Hope Conquers All: Inspiring Stories of Love and Healing from CaringBridge by Sona Mehring (Author)



“Sona shares her personal cancer experience and her VISION to create something much bigger than just one family-a powerful vision that has become one of the biggest, most powerful forces of good in the cancer world today! Amazing person, awesome vision, and beautiful story! Thank you Sona for all you do!!” (Jonny Imerman,Imerman Angels 1-on-1 Cancer Support)

“There is an old saying in medicine: ‘The secret of patient care is in caring for the patient.’ That’s a way of saying that love and compassion help people heal. This is what CaringBridge stands for, and it’s what makes our world a better, kinder place.” (Larry Dossey, MD, author of the Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine)

“I connected immediately with HOPE CONQUERS ALL because of my daughter’s leukemia diagnosis at age 12. We used the CaringBridge website mentioned in this book, and I can vouch for it’s benefits. Not only did CaringBridge bring encouragement to my daughter and our family during the long months she was hospitalized, but it was also a way to connect with concerned friends and family. This collection of stories would be a great gift to someone in a situation where health issues are overwhelming.” (Karla Blackwood)


About the Author


Sona Mehring is founder and CEO of CaringBridge.org. In 2011, she was a finalist for Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, and was also named as one of Fast Company‘s Most Influential Women in Technology. Sona Mehring lives in Minnesota.



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