Hi everyone! I wish I could share a cleverly written autobiographical statement with you. Instead I find myself not knowing what to say. You see, I am a  man of a certain age, definitely old enough to be part of the generation that says,”Why would anyone write a blog?” “And why would anyone read a blog I wrote?”, unlike the younger half of the population which seems to view blogging as part of the natural state of being.

Yet at the same time that I  have wondered why anyone would read a blog I  wrote, I DO read and enjoy many blogs.I appreciate that others take the time to record both the momentous and mundane moments of their lives. We js tamilbook house tend to be curious people. For a while now, while I’ve been inspired by what others write and share, I have heard a little inner voice asking, “Why don’t you write one too?”

Would I, could I write a blog? I have wrestled with the what ifs, if the blog were boring, if I didn’t write consistently, if I came to regret starting one. I didn’t push myself. I just let my ideas perk along, until it became clear to me that all the what ifs are just fears of vulnerability. Since I make my living helping others challenge themselves to live more authentic lives, I know that facing fears can lead us to more personal growth.  No one can have too much personal growth.So I’ll take a chance on vulnerability. I think I can handle it. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment, or if you would prefer, email me at jstamilbookhouse@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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